25 February 2014
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25 February 2014,

About 7 years ago, my girlfriend (now my wife -thank God she still wanted to marry me after we managed the restaurant together!!!) and I bought a Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup restaurant; it was our first real business venture. We worked like 14 hours a day and 7 days a week…NO LIFE at all!!! After two long years of working hard and surviving the restaurant, we sold it for a decent profit. After that, I was thinking “Is there such a business that I can do part-time and make decent money ?”…I could not find anything for a long time until two years ago I ran into the ad from ACFN to become an ATM business owner.

My first though was Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! And now two years later I have 17 ATM locations from ACFN and looking to double my ATM locations in next two years.

My experience with ACFN is FANTASTIC; it is exactly the same from the first time I spoke to Tucker and Jeff during the 3 day orientation. It is true that I only work between 10-15 hours per week and make decent additional monthly income. If my ATM location is under performing then ACFN has kept their promise to get me a new location. Just like 3 weeks ago, ACFN got 3 new locations in a very busy area. I have worked with many members of ACFN’s staff individually and they are always very professional, helpful and go out beyond their way to help whenever I need especially my favorite friend “Gershon”, the man of knowledge. Gershon knows everything about the ATM and he is very patience with me whenever I have technical problems with my ATMs. I have asked him many “stupid questions” but he always takes the time to help and I know for sure that he will treat me exactly the same in the future!!

My second favorite department is the marketing team including Jim Diltz, Jennifer Hick, Rebecca Reid, Mike Howard and Christina Garces. They are always doing their best to get me new ATM locations…please keep doing a great job as I need more ATM locations from you!!!

I do not have much advice for you but I would give you one advice and that is to get your cash ready as ACFN can get you a new ATM location at any time, any day or any moment. In conclusion, I like to say “thank you” to ACFN for creating such a successful business model for us to join and PLEASE “Bring us more ATM locations” and “make us more MONEY”!!!

Bao & Amy

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